What lies ahead?

What impacts do-you see and feel?

As any mother can attest, the first thing we worry about are our kids. Did I teach them enough? Show them enough of the world? Prepare them enough? And that last one is the one that worries me most. Will he be prepared to live in a world facing the pains and hardships of a changing climate? To be sure there will be hardship, no matter how privileged of a life he leads. This is an urgent issue to me because of my son. At the same time, he gives me hope. He is smart, sensitive, sympathetic, strong, and sweet. Perhaps he will be the next scientist who invents a new technology to help combat climate change? Perhaps he will be the next teacher to help students understand what climate change is? Perhaps he will be the next visionary that will lead a low-impact lifestyle that others will follow. Perhaps….

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